Registration for
MCKS Arhatic Yoga® and MCKS Kriyashakti®
Czech Republic 2023

Date of Event: Saturday 4th – Tuesday 7th November 2023
Location: GreenPoint – Dvouletky 529, 100 00 Strašnice, Prague
Instructor: Mistr Hector Ramos – english (with czech translation)

Hotels near the venue (15 min walk):
– a&o Hostels – starting at 36 €/night – Reservation
Comfort Prague City East – starting at 86 €/night – Reservation


Prerequisites for participation

  • MCKS Arhatic Yoga®: Preparatory Level
    • Basic Pranic Healing
    • Advanced Pranic Heaing
    • Pranic Psychotherapy / Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul
  • MCKS Arhatic Yoga®: Level 1
    • Arhatic Yoga: Preparatory Level
    • Active and consistent 2 or more years of practice
  • MCKS Kriyashakti®
    • Basic Pranic Healing
    • Advanced Pranic Healing
    • Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul / Arhatic Yoga: Preparatory Level

Application form for Arhatic Yoga

For registration on Arhatic Yoga, you need to fill out an application form.
Download the form, fill in the information and attach a copy.

If you want to attend Arhatic Yoga: Preparatory Level and/or Arhatic Yoga: Level 1,

fill out the form just once.

Application form: Arhatic Yoga: Preparatory Level / Level 1
Download form by clicking on WORD or PDF icon.

Registration form


* The price of the course includes a vegan lunch and refreshments throughout the day.
** The price of the course includes a vegan dinner and refreshments in the evening.

Maximum photo size is 5MB. (JPG, BMP, PNG, PDF).
Photos can be taken by mobile, no need to scan.

New student: Attach photos of certificates from all required courses.

Repeaters: Attach a photo of the certificate from the seminar you wish to repeat.



After registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you.
Registration will then be checked and reviewed.
After approving the registration, an invoice for payment will be sent to you.

Please, make sure you attached all photos of required certificates for courses.
And application form, if attending Arhatic Yoga.

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